It's not just what we do, but how we do it that sets us apart.

We Challenge…focusing exclusively on strategy across every business model dimension we strengthen our clients capabilities achieving enduring performance and results that last.

We are seekers of the truth and we will always try to find the best solution for our clients. This means that we are prepared to challenge owners, boards and management pushing them outside their comfort zone.

We Collaborate…Our company is built on a diverse core of professional capability and excellence. Every assignment is supported by experienced sector specialists.

We believe in working closely with you and leveraging our collective involvement to achieve the best result ensuring a sense of ownership remains with you throughout.

We think…At Troika we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial heritage, innovative mindset and original ideas. Looking at your company with fresh eyes we help you see things you don’t currently see, and we help open up your thinking about what is possible.

And you’ll always know what we think. We’ll never recommend something we don’t believe in or something that is neither pragmatic nor actionable.

We back ourselves…Our approach all adds up to a unique consulting style. Troika is a consulting firm that listens, and then works with you to achieve enduring results.

Finding hidden value, developing insights, innovating, taking action and energising your business is why Troika was founded and its why we exist. Our strategy is simple…make a positive difference to our clients businesses and their lives.