“Spend zero time on what you could have done, and devote all of your time on what you might do.”

Ben Horowitz

Sharpen focus… Troika’s role is to provide your business with a fresh set of eyes and to challenge you by asking some hard, sometimes confronting questions. That’s the only way to achieve clarity. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to success is an owner and/or a  management team blinded by the status quo. Understanding opportunity means seeing hidden value.

Troika encourages its clients to be brave, have faith and be courageous in confronting challenges. The process really begins by facing reality and avoiding the desire to colour it with an outdated agenda. Drilling down into these issues is hard, but necessary, and we’ll help you all the way.

Build more confidence… Troika’s key purpose is to help businesses see opportunities and capitalise on them. Along the way we’ll help you strip out and reduce risk. This builds confidence, helps to allocate resources effectively and allows you to make excellent management decisions. Knowledge is power.

Challenging where you’re at is an important part of our process and so is a willingness to innovate. To help you make an accurate assessment Troika has identified six killer apps that all successful SME’s share. By identifying how effectively your business is operating across these dimensions we can help your business to become more customer focused, more strategic and more successful.

Engage the best talent… One of the principles of good management is understanding talent is the most important investment a business can make. It is absolutely defining. Small to medium sized enterprises often have problems attracting the talent they need and they often end up making poor hiring decisions, which can turn into dangerous, negative and expensive compromises.

Ask any successful business owner or manager and they’ll tell you, don’t take short cuts with talent. Acquire the very best people right from the start. How else will you be able to compete? Troika’s executive search heritage proudly stretches back to 1996. Our exclusive headhunting service is now reserved for existing clients only.

Build stronger management & deeper, broader capabilities…Troika is a premium, boutique consulting firm specializing in working with small, mid-tier and entrepreneurial enterprises (SME’s).  Troika has been designed as a consulting hub where start-ups, business owners, C-suite execs and entrepreneurs can access experienced professionals.

We work alongside our clients helping with strategy and growth, business performance and management. We view ‘entrepreneurship’ as a spirit, an attitude, not a theory. When it comes to business, nothing can beat years of experience.  Our consulting is delivered by blooded, experienced, commercial operators, in a style that combines a positive attitude with a practical approach.